Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Top off your beautiful straight teeth with a teeth whitening treatment!

Teeth can be stained by foods, drinks, smoking and certain medications. Teeth whitening is a safe procedure that can significantly lighten the colour of your teeth by using a safe dental bleaching agent (hydrogen peroxide). Individual results vary and are based on your initial tooth colour and the nature of your tooth staining.

Home Whitening

We offer a take-home tray teeth whitening as we believe this to be the absolute best way to whiten teeth in terms of resulting shade change and how long results last. We will take an impression of your teeth and send to a dental laboratory to create custom whitening trays for you. This will take around 3 weeks and is worth the wait to have a perfectly fitting tray.

The treatment is fairly straightforward: you apply a small amount of whitening gel inside your trays and wear them for 60-90 minutes. You will repeat this every day for roughly 2 weeks or slightly longer in some cases.

Always use as instructed by your dentist but only a very small amount of gel is required. Applying twice the amount of gel will not give twice the result but will increase the risk of sensitivity – there are no short-cuts to a healthy white smile. Results last 12-24 months, dependent on diet and patient lifestyle.