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The Orthodontic Clinic Testimonials

Our Patients Say It Best

10/10, outstanding service - K.N.
Enjoyed the warm atmosphere and staff were very professional – K.N.
Treatment and options were well explained, treatment was completed faster than expected. Overall very pleased with the experience. – T.G.
It has improved my confidence & my looks. – P.R.
It has changed my life. I am so confident with my smile now! – S.H.
Relaxing environment, minimal waiting, & excellent staff. - C.M.
Staff was calm and professional, and especially patient with my nervous daughter. – Mother of K.B.
Staff are very helpful, very friendly & reassuring. – H.G.
My teeth now look great and I feel much more confident! – J.T.
Everyone is very nice, especially the desk ladies! – F.T.
I now have straight teeth and I like to smile! – F.T.
Staff were very nice and informative - W.B.
Dr. Currie has done an amazing job making my teeth better. – S.R.
Dr. Currie has been lovely and very helpful with my treatment. – C.W.
My son felt very comfortable around all the very friendly staff and explanations of each stage of the treatment were very clear. I’m very pleased with the transformation and result. – Mother of T.B.
Doctor and staff were very patient and friendly. The treatment helped me gain more confidence. – F.R.
All the staff were very friendly and supportive. – K.W.
My teeth look much better and now I can smile without embarrassment. – K.W.
Friendly and efficient staff. – R.B.
The treatment has been a huge difference for me. I now have more confidence in my smile! – L.G.
The treatment has completely changed and improved my teeth. Delighted with the result. – D.P.
I feel more confident and I can actually smile in photos now! – A.M.
Dr. Rodolfino provided a great service during my treatment. She was always smiling and very kind to me. – S.T.
I have enjoyed seeing the progress of my teeth as the treatment went on. Dr. Rodolfino was lovely and always made me feel at ease. It has been a positive experience from start to finish. – P.W.
I feel so much more confident! I love my teeth now that they are straight! – P.W.
All staff were super friendly! – A.R.
The treatment allowed my son to smile without feeling self-conscious again. – Mother of N.W.
Everyone is very friendly and I was kept well informed throughout my treatment. – S.M.
Treatment has cured my biting problem. Delighted with the outcome. – J.Z.
Dr. Currie has done a great job and both I and my partner are delighted with the results. It has certainly changed our lives R.B From Cults commenting on the Somnowell anti-snoring device - M.E. from Newtonhill
Very patient & kind staff - made a huge difference to alignment Parent of E.F. from Peterhead
You are very professional, very accommodating, very skilled. I've been waiting for this for years this will completely change things for me. I.E. age 47 from Hatfield
More confident and a lot more smiley ☺ - LE from Ellon
Very friendly staff – LE from Ellon
I enjoyed the treatment mostly because the staff were lovely and friendly – SS from Inverurie
My brace has made my teeth beautifully straight, which has given me the confidence to smile showing my teeth – SS from Inverurie
Friendly atmosphere – AM from Ellon
I feel more confident and can bite together without difficulty – LB from Dyce
Friendly environment – LB from Dyce
Always very friendly and helpful staff – BB from Ellon
Delighted at how much better my teeth are. Amazed in fact. – BB from Ellon
Given me the smile I have always wanted – SB from Kincorth
Welcoming staff and professional work and advice – EB from Rothienorman
Excellent service and all staff very friendly – LH from Aberdeen
How patient my orthodontist was and how willing to help she was – RL from Aberdeen
My teeth were badly out of shape and with the orthodontics they have massively changed – NS from Kintore
Able to smile with confidence – LY from Ellon
Warm, friendly staff, very helpful – Mother of AL from Elgin
I have had some serious problems fixed that could have otherwise led to even more serious issues, and they have significantly boosted my self confidence - JMc from Aberdeen
I now have beautiful teeth – TF from Northfield
Swift appointments, pleasant staff – CJMc from Huntly
My dream came true! ☺ – AO from Aberdeen
You are a well oiled machine ! ☺ – AO from Aberdeen
Were I would have once been embarrassed of my teeth, I now feel really pleased with them – RC from Buckie
Made my teeth look and feel better – NM from Aberdeen
Dr Currie was very welcoming and polite – BM from Aboyne
Very professional and helpful – JH from Newtonhill
Keep doing what you do – AU from Aberdeen
Prompt, efficient, professional service – kind care given when my daughter had traumatic injury to tooth. Teeth are well aligned, well spaced and now have a confident smile! We feel confident that the best care was taken to maintain the vitality of the injured front tooth. You do a great job ! – Mother of CI, from Aberdeen
No improvements required – the staff and the service is / are excellent – JW from Tarves
I was made to feel comfortable at each appointment, which made everything so much easier. I was really self conscious about my teeth and now I am smiling all the time have so much confidence and I can’t wait to show everyone when we get married at the end of August. Thank you for everything – LMac from Aberdeen
Aesthetically teeth look amazing, but bite is also much more comfortable. Detailed appointments helped my understanding at each stage – LP from Stonehaven
I no longer look like a slot machine. Thanks guys ! – EH from Auchenblae
Everybody is so friendly – TR from Mastrick
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